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Tips on Saving Water

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Here are our tips for saving water.

  • Water plants early in the morning or late at night to avoid water evaporation

  • Don't use sprinklers when you can help it

  • Fill the bathtub halfway or less (or take a shower)

  • Use water for cooking (i.e., when making pasta or steaming vegetables) on the garden once the water has cooled

  • Don't keep the water running while brushing your teeth or shaving! It doesn't accomplish much of anything except wasted water

  • Use a rain barrel (be sure to cover it because of mosquitos)

  • When you are cleaning the street free of litter, use a broom and dustpan, not a hose. If you do use a hose, you'll waste water and  pollute nearby streams.

  • Wash your car only if it's really dirty, and if you're doing a home wash, use a bucket and scrub-brush instead of a hose. By doing so, and sponging the soapy water away into a bucket, you'll be keeping the nearby creeks free of pollution.

  • Do not flush baby wipes, menstrual products, tissues, or goldfish down the toilet. Even so-called "flushable" baby wipes should not be flushed.

  • Never put any oil or grease in the drain (your area's septic will thank you if you heed this warning)

  • Take short showers, as short as you can make them (5 minutes is a good upper limit)

  • Fix leaks

  • Don't build a pool in your back yard; find a community pool or gym that has one and use it instead.

  • If you do have a pool or hot tub, cover it to prevent evaporation.

  • Keep a pitcher of cold water in the fridge so that you don't have to wait to get cold water from the tap.

  • Collect water that comes out of a shower while you adjust the temperature.

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The website Save Our Water has more tips, if you would like to see them at

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