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Tips on Recycling

Here are our tips on recycling.

  • When you are done using an item that's made of plastic, look on the bottom and see if there's a number inside a circle of chasing arrows. That number can help you tell whether or not you can recycle the item.

  • Where we live, the numbers that are recycled are 1, 2, and 5, but this varies regionally.

  • As a rule of thumb, soft plastics (like plastic bags and cling film) are generally not recyclable.

  • Paper can and should be recycled, unless it's been coated with wax or varnish. Tissue paper is also nonrecyclable. And, if your paper has food on it, while it shouldn't be recycled, it can be put in the compost.

  • Sadly, paper can only be recycled up to seven times.

  • Aluminum cans, like for sodas, can be recycled, and sometimes your state will even pay you for it.

  • Empty and dry containers before you recycle them--otherwise they could get sorted as trash.

  • Canned-food cans are also recyclable.

  • While there is no need to remove the label from most items, if you have, for instance, wrapped tape around a jar, you will need to take off the tape before you recycle.

  • Glass should be recycled.

  • Electronics, used oil and filters, paint, and batteries should be taken to a recycling center.

  • Don't recycle anything smaller than a credit card, such as pop tops and bottle caps.

  • Garden hoses cannot be recycled.

  • Do not bag your recyclables! Plastic garbage bags are not recyclable, so your recyclables will not be recycled if they are bagged.

  • Cardboard boxes can be recycled.

  • If you have a box that is greasy on one side, like a pizza box, tear off the greasy side and put that in the compost, then recycle the rest.

  • However, the best thing to do when following the three Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) is to take them in the order that they are stated: reduce first, reuse, and then recycle.

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Recycling Bottles
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