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Intro to Climate Change

What it is, why it matters, and how to prevent it

What happens, climate-change-wise, is entirely up to you. And I mean YOU. By 2100, the world could either have become as desertified as Mars or solved its climate problems smoothly and meticulously. And there are plenty of little things you can do to help. You have also likely heard all of those before—turn out the lights, recycle, blah…And you are also likely tired of people telling you that using little tablets instead of toothpaste that comes in a tube will save the world. But it will, because the future is entirely up to you.
A straw can break a camel’s back, so a plastic straw can push our planet over the brink. A person from 1900 would likely be amazed at this website. If it were possible for an ancient phytoplankton to travel 350 million years into the future, and talk, it would be distinctly horrified as to what we do with its fellow prehistoric-creatures-turned hydrocarbons: Distill them into plenty of things—crude oil, gasoline, coal, asphalt, plastic…the list goes on and on. Back to the subject of time travel, even a child in 1922 would be amazed at with how much ease an apple could be obtained: Simply drive to a store, walk to a rack of luscious fruits, hand over money in the form of a little plastic card, and go back home. However, there are people who worked just as hard as you did not. Not only the farmers who raised your apples, but the people who paint the apples with wax so that they can shine at you appealingly from under the fluorescent lights of a grocery store. Fluorescent lights powered by electricity that emits fossil fuels into the air—we’ve come full circle! The future of our planet is truly in your hands. But you can help. Keep reading.

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