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Joining Others

If you’re trying to get started helping the Earth, then joining others’ efforts is a good place to start. There are likely organizations in your area (if there aren’t any, see our article on ways to start working to end climate change yourself) that will do so. The Climate Action Network ( has lists of organizations in over 130 countries that partner with it to achieve social justice and address climate change. If you live in the US, the website Environmental Groups  ( offers state-by-state lists that can be narrowed by city, as well as the opportunity to add organizations. Online searches may also be fruitful, and so is asking around and looking in places around one’s community (for instance, bulletin boards in public places) where people could have posted flyers about events or organizations. If you search enough, then you may find a group of like-minded people who are willing to work with you towards the goal of helping the Earth!

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