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The Global Mess

We face
so many
People are discriminating
against each other
just because
they don't look, or act, or think the same.
This earth is running out of room.
Viruses are rampaging the planet.
You may see them as separate

but I see them as many faces of one thing:
Earth is running a fever.
And we have
to act


The world
will end
in fire.
In five billion years,
the sun's gentleness will cease,
and our star will expand
and consume us.
But, sooner--

will we

What with too much carbon and too little room,
no air to breathe or places to live.
Will we, one wonders,
our end?

Out of Balance

The Earth
is out
of balance.
in mostly northern mostly white
"developed" countries,

emit so much more carbon
than people
who because of us
have less water, less food.
We are
their futures.


Every spring,
yellow flowers and green grass
cover the hills.
Every spring, the tree outside the window puts out pink blooms
before it has leaves.
Every spring,
I cannot help but,
despite how much trouble the world is in,
climb the trees and run across the hills.
Every spring,
I believe more firmly that,
if we start acting now,
there will be hope.

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